A new way to procure technology for Hospitality is coming soon!

Introducing CLUBstreamvision


You will soon have access to over 14 technologies for your guests.  These include IPTV / MATV Entertainment Systems, HSIA an WIFI Solutions, Chromecast Content Casting Solution, Tablet Software, Digital Signage and much more.  You won’t be paying any licensing for these technologies, only paying for whatever hardware and implementation is required.  In addition you will be able to turn on or off any of these technologies at any time, meaning tomorrow if you decide you want a tablet solution at your property, it is just a flick of a switch away.


You will only be paying a single low monthly support fee, regardless of the number of technologies you have installed.  A fee likely much lower than you are currently paying for a single solution listed above with your current providers.


This is CLUBstreamvision and it launches 1st September, 2020!


Take your existing providers costs for the services above and throw them out the door.  You are about to start saving serious capital and operational cost, and return profit to your business.  All while lifting the technology experience for your Guests and reaping amazing traveller reviews.  Most importantly, you are using a managed service with 24/7/365 support.


Streamvision has seen what COVID-19 has done to our industry and responded with a new program aimed at returning profit to your businesses, to help rebuild and grow.


Join CLUBstreamvision and start your technology evolution!  Contact us today for more information!