An Entertainment Solution for Your Property that Guests will Actually Appreciate

Guests Want To

Use up-to-date technology to do exactly what they do everyday – watch their preferred content from Netflix, YouTube, etc. in the highest quality possible, on the largest screen available (your in-room high definition TV).

streamCAST is a dongle-free solution

That means it is:

  • Faster and more affordable to install
  • Safe from guest damage and theft
  • Convenient to manage centrally

streamCAST includes a number of features that will take your guest experience to the next level

  • Enable your guests to seamlessly cast content from their own device to any TV in the guest room/suite.
  • Thousands of Chromecast enabled apps to choose from on Android, Apple and Windows mobile and computer platforms providing your guests with a rich OTT experience that is platform agnostic. Chromecast is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
  • Requires no dongles in the guest room when integrated with our streamTV IPTV solution – giving you a more affordable casting solution that is easier to install and manage.
  • A completely seamless solution, without any need to pair devices or login when integrated with streamWIFI.
  • Smart bandwidth management capability ensures a high quality and high speed experience for all guests using streamCAST at any given time.
  • Platform agnostic – connects to your existing WIFI solution.
  • Powerful data analytics and reporting – get to know your guests actual content preferences to inform targeted marketing.
  • Centralised monitoring service – Streamvision manages and monitors your solution for proactive maintenance.
  • Minimise your property’s content subscriptions by utilising guests’ existing subscriptions.
  • Digital signage solution that enables you to utilise streamCAST as a platform for branding and/or advertising for your own property and for your partners.
  • Ensure a secure experience for guests with automatic disconnect at checkout.
  • Allow guests to connect multiple devices to the same TV – perfect for families, couples or friends sharing a room/suite.