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The Australian bushfire season in 2019/2020 has been devastating. Every state and territory has been affected. Over 17 million hectares have been burnt. More than 2,600 homes have been destroyed, with 2,162 in NSW alone.

At least 1,000,000 wild animals have died, and many more will die from injury, lack of food and loss of habitat.

29 people have lost their lives, including 4 volunteer firefighters.

Last Christmas we donated to the NSW RFS, rather than gifting hampers to our clients and partners.

The weather may be cooling down now, but there are still thousands of families who need to rebuild their homes.

That’s why we’re kicking off the new decade, by making another donation; this time to support the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery.

We will donate $1 for every @streamvisiontech follower we have on 17 February 2020 on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Our goal is 1,000 followers for each channel. We will donate up to $3,000.

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