5 Ways We Deliver Customer Support and Satisfaction

At Streamvision, we aim to be reliable and exceed expectations by being proactive. That means consistently delivering what we promise – on time and on budget. stream24/7 is our Support program that has been designed with customer success as the end goal.


Remote Monitoring

Our platform enables us to remotely monitor systems and detect issues before guests do. This allows us to be proactive in servicing our customers and takes some of the worry away from your team, so you can focus on your guests.


24/7 Customer Service

Our Support Technicians are real people (not bots!) and are available 24/7 so any urgent issues after hours, on weekends and holidays (the busiest time for hotels!) can be addressed promptly.


On Site Support

If for any reason you need us to provide on site support, we will not hesitate to go to you. Because our call centre staff are our own employees, the decision to go on site, even to remote properties can be made very quickly. Nobody likes to be kept waiting, and we have put escalation processes in place to minimise waiting time.


Customer Training

We are available to provide training to your team after installation, after new feature releases, and to help you train new staff in how to use Streamvision solutions.


In-House Support

Last, but certainly not least, we do all of this with our own employees. We don’t outsource customer service because the success of our customers is our number one priority. Our Support staff are trained in our solutions as well as efficient escalation protocols that ensure speedy resolutions.