How to Digitise Your Hotel Compendium

Are you looking for the best way to digitise your hotel compendium?

Did you know the best in-room entertainment solutions can do more than simply entertain guests? Transform your in-room TV from a cost centre to a marketing platform that showcases your brand, promotes your amenities and facilities, and generates revenue. You can even offer your TV as an effective advertising channel to your partners and sponsors.


Take advantage of the high definition TV in your guest rooms:

Design your TV portal to match your hotel brand image (we’ll help you for free!*)


Digitise your hotel compendium with compelling graphics and full screen videos


Introduce your F&B venues, Spa, Golf Course, etc. — AND enable guests to reserve a table right from the TV remote that is already in their hands


Offer advertising space to your partners and sponsors


Offer hotel channels and bespoke TV portals to corporate and private event groups


The list goes on and on. For ideas specific to your property schedule a free demonstration.

*Streamvision offers a free design service for new streamTV customers to get your bespoke TV portal up and running. Simply ask us for a no-obligation demonstration!