streamCAST is compatible with 1,000s of apps for smartphones, tablets and laptops
Smart and Secure Casting Solution for Hotels that Want to Earn Additional Revenue

Did you know that dongles and TVs with built-in Chromecast deployed in hotels can pose potential security risks for your organisation?

Protect your hotel and guests from malicious data usage through the secure Streamvision platform, which safeguards against unauthorised usage and facilitates data monitoring. Smart central management allows you to keep your hotel and guests secure during casting by ensuring that traffic cannot bypass your firewall and authenticating access via PMS integration (over 20 compatible PMS solutions)

streamCAST is the first truly integrated casting solution that improves operational convenience and the guest experience in a number of innovative ways:

  • Integration with the streamTV IPTV platform eliminates the need for dongles in guest rooms – giving you a more affordable solution that can be installed and maintained without entering, or worse, closing guest rooms
  • Centralised monitoring enable the ability to identify and fix issues before they trigger a negative guest review
  • Smart bandwidth management ensures a high quality and high speed experience for all guests using streamCAST at any given time
  • Platform-agnostic casting solution that connects to your existing WIFI network, so your guests can cast from 1,000s of compatible apps without you changing your WIFI network
  • Integration with streamWIFI enables guests to concurrently connect multiple devices to the same in-room TV – perfect for families, couples or friends sharing a room/suite
  • Forward-thinking solution that allows for easy and affordable future expansion

Last, but not least, streamCAST includes a digital signage feature that enables hotels to utilise streamCAST as a platform for branding and advertising:

  • Offer advertising space to business partners, sponsors or group/event bookings
  • Promote your in-house sales, such as weekend brunch, in-room dining specials, happy hour, etc.
  • Communicate partner offers such as local tours, cultural experiences, cooking classes, etc.