Did you know there is a way for guests to interact with your hotel from their own device – without having to download an app? Extend the reach of your services beyond the guest rooms and onto their own devices – regardless of whether it is an Android, Apple, Windows or even Linux device.

A web portal with your branding allows guests to easily view information about your facilities and services, order food from your room service or your local F&B partners, book your partner tours and experiences, and more. These capabilities enable you to generate additional revenue streams for your property.

streamBYOD also gives guests the convenience to watch and purchase your video on demand content from their own mobile device while lounging at your happy hour or waiting for a friend in your lobby. Guests can even use streamBYOD to start watching a movie on the in-room TV, then continue watching it on their smartphone as they move to your lobby.

Request a free demo today to see how streamBYOD can generate revenue streams for your property via guests’ own devices.

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