streamCAST is a revolutionary product from the Streamvision platform. The first truly integrated casting solution that requires no additional equipment in the room.

Enable your guests to do exactly what they’ve been asking for – the ability to cast from 1,000s of apps from their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The brilliant thing about casting is that, unlike traditional mirroring solutions, guests can continue to use their smartphone to browse Facebook, post Instagram stories, make phone calls, etc. while casting their favourite YouTube video to your TV.

However, it’s not as simple as installing a Chromecast* dongle on every TV (although that’s how you would do it at home). In more public environments such as hotels and student accommodation, a dongle on every TV increases the cost of installation, maintenance and future expansion, as well as potential security concerns. It also increases the risk of device theft, damage and malfunction.

That’s what makes streamCAST a revolutionary product when combined with streamTV. It removes the risk of guest theft and damage, as well as overheating, by eliminating additional equipment in the guest room. An integrated solution with less equipment also costs you less time and money to install and maintain.

Our free streamCAST offer expired on 30 September 2019. Please contact us for affordable pricing.

*Chromecast is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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