Are you looking for an IPTV solution that’s customised for your venue and guests? Unlike the typical commercial IPTV solution, streamTV includes a free design service. Our marketing experts will assist you to design a bespoke TV portal to match your brand identity – your guests will never see a single Streamvision logo on your TV portal. Give your guests a more memorable entertainment experience.

Not only is streamTV custom designed for your brand, it is also a true revenue generation tool. Get your investment back from the system by using it to drive revenue. Some of the most effective, yet under-utilised ideas for revenue generation that are facilitated by the streamTV platform include:

  • In-room dining
  • In-room shopping
  • Tour booking
  • In-house sales of external company products and services
  • In-room promotions
  • Video on demand and TV box sets

The list goes on and on… In fact, we encourage you to ask us for revenue generation ideas that suit your property!

Of course, streamTV has all the IPTV capabilities you and your guests expect, including messaging, video on demand, satellite TV, pay TV, free to air TV, weather and flight information, customisable information pages, TV screen automation… the list goes on and on. If there’s a particular function you need in your IPTV solution, just give us a call and let us know – chances are we have a solution for you.

Request a free demo today to find out how you can use streamTV to generate revenue for your property.

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