As in-room streaming takes hold, efficiently monitising it is the next big advancement

Streamvision Supplier Profile on Hotel Management Australia

Hotel Management Australia recently spoke with Streamvision CEO Greg Bassine about the next big advancement in IPTV, why hotels are no longer reluctant to adopt streaming technology, and more…

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What is the next big advancement in IPTV that you can share?

Casting is one of the latest and greatest innovations that is being seen in the hotel and accommodation space. This technology gives guests exactly what they want – the ability to watch their own content on a large screen when they’re in a hotel room. Our solution streamCAST takes it a step further, by providing a centralised solution that doesn’t require additional equipment in guest rooms – this makes it more affordable and convenient for hotels to install and manage.

Do hotels still seem reluctant to adopt streaming technology or is the message out there that this is the way forward?

The message is well and truly out there. With the success of streaming services like Netflix and Stan, there’s no question that streaming technology is the way forward when it comes to the consumption of content whether it is at home or in the hotel room.

What are the main benefits of working with an entertainment supplier that builds and supports its own products in-house?

Front line staff i.e. Sales Reps, Account Managers, and Support Technicians are better positioned to facilitate client access to and influence over the product development process. This means our clients can be confident their voice is being heard where it matters and that our products can evolve to keep up with changes in their business needs.

How much customisation do you see your clients requesting in terms of revenue generation in their IPTV system?

Most of our clients are excited about the opportunity to increase their revenue via technology. Of particular interest are our shopping cart and in-room ordering functions which allow guests to purchase amenities, book tours, order in-rooming dining, book future stays, etc. right through the TV portal. Hotel staff can easily manage and monitor these purchases. Integration with over 20 PMS systems makes it convenient to bill. Purchases of external services such as food delivery are also possible for hotels that wish to generate revenue with the help of local businesses.

The other service we offer that our clients appreciate is bespoke IPTV portal design. Design and functionality are intertwined and we have seen that it is important to design portals in a way that facilitates an intuitive and smooth user experience so that guests don’t get lost in layers of menus. Many of our clients tell us they want a portal no other hotel has and we can deliver that by partnering with a design firm to provide a free portal design service to all of our new customers.

Streamvision Supplier Profile on Hotel Management Australia

Hotel Magazine – ‘Stay Connected in 2020’

Hotel Magazine - Stay connected in 2020

Recently, Hotel Magazine asked our CEO Greg Bassine how hotels will stay connected in 2020. Below is an excerpt from the article.

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It’s the start of a new decade: in 2020, the iPhone turns 13, Facebook turns 16, and the World Wide Web celebrates its 29th year since going public.

In a relatively short period, these technologies and others like them have dramatically transformed almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we travel to the way we eat.

Accordingly, today’s hotel guest’s expectations now exceed merely a hot shower and room service. Busy guests with places to be may rarely stop to think about the complexities of providing high-speed Wi-Fi and in-room streaming in a hotel, but these are services that hoteliers and technology companies alike have had to implement remarkably quickly in the race to provide guests with the seamless in-room experience they demand.

Streamvision is an Australian provider of bespoke digital solutions, working with a variety of clients from hospitality ventures to large corporate entities. Hotel Magazine spoke to CEO Greg Bassine about the needs of the modern hotel guest.

“Ultimately, as the end-user, hotel guests and home consumers want the same thing – high speed, high definition content at their fingertips, and the ability to intuitively and immediately understand how to interact with an entertainment system,” he said.

Bassine pointed out some easily overlooked problems that hotels face when providing guests with connectivity technology. “It’s important that all guests staying in a given hotel room are able to cast their content to the in-room TV, but that their next-door neighbour is unable to ‘hijack’ their TV, either intentionally or unintentionally.”

Such a blatant ‘digital intrusion’ is a more visible example of a wider problem facing hotels: that of hundreds, or even thousands of guests accessing the same digital services in close proximity.

“The ability to monitor and control bandwidth usage is essential,” Bassine said, “to ensure that a few data hogs don’t consume all the available bandwidth, spoiling the experience for other guests.”

As well as virtual crowd control, hotels must deal with the fact that their guests are transient. Just as clean sheets and towels are a prerequisite of any guest room from budget to boutique, so too is clean data.

“Hotel entertainment systems need the ability to automatically log out of and erase all user data upon check-out,” Bassine pointed out. “If a guest has logged into her YouTube account on the in-room smart TV, that could lead to their data security being compromised.”

Such compromises are not unheard of – in July, Marriott was fined £99m (NZ$187m) for infringements of the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation after a cyber-incident exposed a variety of personal data contained in approximately 339 million guest records. Just a week or so later, US hotel management company AavGo was alerted by a benevolent ‘white hat’ hacker to a security lapse in their online booking system, exposing the data of up to 8 million entries…

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Smart and Secure Casting Solution for Hotels that Want to Earn Additional Revenue

streamCAST is compatible with 1,000s of apps for smartphones, tablets and laptops

Did you know that dongles and TVs with built-in Chromecast deployed in hotels can pose potential security risks for your organisation?

Protect your hotel and guests from malicious data usage through the secure Streamvision platform, which safeguards against unauthorised usage and facilitates data monitoring. Smart central management allows you to keep your hotel and guests secure during casting by ensuring that traffic cannot bypass your firewall and authenticating access via PMS integration (over 20 compatible PMS solutions)

streamCAST is the first truly integrated casting solution that improves operational convenience and the guest experience in a number of innovative ways:

  • Integration with the streamTV IPTV platform eliminates the need for dongles in guest rooms – giving you a more affordable solution that can be installed and maintained without entering, or worse, closing guest rooms
  • Centralised monitoring enable the ability to identify and fix issues before they trigger a negative guest review
  • Smart bandwidth management ensures a high quality and high speed experience for all guests using streamCAST at any given time
  • Platform-agnostic casting solution that connects to your existing WIFI network, so your guests can cast from 1,000s of compatible apps without you changing your WIFI network
  • Integration with streamWIFI enables guests to concurrently connect multiple devices to the same in-room TV – perfect for families, couples or friends sharing a room/suite
  • Forward-thinking solution that allows for easy and affordable future expansion

Last, but not least, streamCAST includes a digital signage feature that enables hotels to utilise streamCAST as a platform for branding and advertising:

  • Offer advertising space to business partners, sponsors or group/event bookings
  • Promote your in-house sales, such as weekend brunch, in-room dining specials, happy hour, etc.
  • Communicate partner offers such as local tours, cultural experiences, cooking classes, etc.

5 Ways We Deliver Customer Support and Satisfaction

At Streamvision, we aim to be reliable and exceed expectations by being proactive. That means consistently delivering what we promise – on time and on budget. stream24/7 is our Support program that has been designed with customer success as the end goal.


Remote Monitoring

Our platform enables us to remotely monitor systems and detect issues before guests do. This allows us to be proactive in servicing our customers and takes some of the worry away from your team, so you can focus on your guests.


24/7 Customer Service

Our Support Technicians are real people (not bots!) and are available 24/7 so any urgent issues after hours, on weekends and holidays (the busiest time for hotels!) can be addressed promptly.


On Site Support

If for any reason you need us to provide on site support, we will not hesitate to go to you. Because our call centre staff are our own employees, the decision to go on site, even to remote properties can be made very quickly. Nobody likes to be kept waiting, and we have put escalation processes in place to minimise waiting time.


Customer Training

We are available to provide training to your team after installation, after new feature releases, and to help you train new staff in how to use Streamvision solutions.


In-House Support

Last, but certainly not least, we do all of this with our own employees. We don’t outsource customer service because the success of our customers is our number one priority. Our Support staff are trained in our solutions as well as efficient escalation protocols that ensure speedy resolutions.

streamBYOD: Truly platform agnostic ‘bring your own device’ solution for hotels that is also a true revenue generation tool

Did you know there is a way for guests to interact with your hotel from their own device – without having to download an app?


streamBYOD is truly platform agnostic. Regardless of whether your guests use a smart phone, tablet or laptop that runs Android, Apple, Windows or even Linux, they will be able to connect with your hotel’s digital platform.

This gives them a number of benefits that make your operations more convenient and modern, and that can generate revenue for your property:

  • Guests get access to your on demand content on their own devices
  • Guests can make purchases and reservations for dining, spa experiences, tours, amenities and anything else you (or your business partners) offer
  • Guests can easily communicate with relevant staff re housekeeping and maintenance requests

How many people do you know who would rather watch Netflix on their phone than try to remember their password to log in to an app on a smart TV? It’s easier to log in to an internet banking account on a mobile device using Face ID or Fingerprint Recognition, than to try to remember the password to log in on your own laptop.

It’s just more straightforward and less hassle for guests to use their own devices, rather than learning how to use a new device or installing an app that we don’t have enough storage for.

That’s why streamBYOD is an ideal solution for hotels. streamBYOD enables guests to bring their own device to your hotel and interact with your brand digitally. There’s no need to download extra apps. And it doesn’t matter what brand their device is. As long as their device can connect to your WIFI, your guests will be able to engage with your property with streamBYOD.


Countless Revenue Generation Opportunities

streamBYOD includes shopping and booking functionalities that makes it easy for you to generate revenue. Do you have on-site F&B venues? Communicate your brunch special, happy hour, Valentine’s Day tasting menu, or any other F&B promotion through guests own devices, and then invite them to seamlessly make a reservation on their own device. The familiarity of using their own smart phone – something that they do on a daily basis, removes a barrier to purchase and makes the experience easy and convenient.

The same concept applies if you offer spa treatments in your hotel. Guests can easily schedule a massage from their own device after a day out shopping or attending meetings.

In fact, the shopping and booking capabilities extend to external businesses too. Perhaps you don’t offer in-room dining from your own kitchen, but you partner with local restaurants to provide food delivery and restaurant bookings. Now you can achieve this very easily through the chargeback function of streamBYOD.


Being truly platform agnostic and providing functionality for revenue generation are just two of the top benefits of streamBYOD. There are many other features for your hotel to take advantage of!


Features and Benefits of streamBYOD

  • Compatible with guest devices, including Android, Apple and Windows, eliminating the need to purchase expensive tablets for each room.
  • Automatically trigger a web-based platform when guests log in to your internet network – no need to require guests to install additional apps.
  • Portable and wireless solution – guests can access content from anywhere on your property.
  • Event management – create events at your property to maximise revenue, and engage with guests to book through streamBYOD.
  • Custom portal creation – provide a branded guest experience, and gain additional marketing opportunities for your own promotions, as well as your partner/sponsor promotions.
  • Enable guests to make maintenance, housekeeping, concierge and room service requests via their own devices.
  • Stay in constant contact with your guests via group messaging, emergency messaging, and direct to guest messaging.
  • In-room cart shopping solution for tour booking, in-room shopping, book your next stay, and in-house and external dining.
  • Enable guests to make in-house restaurant and spa bookings, driving additional revenue for your property.
  • Full digital compendium including photos, full screen videos and easy-to-use editor.
  • Full control over design, editing and management is provided to you, giving you the freedom to make future changes as needed, e.g. add seasonal items to your in-room dining menu.
  • Watch live TV, video on demand, TV box sets and blockbuster movies from major studios.
  • Social media integration – make it easier for guests to become your fans by displaying your social media on their own devices.

Ask us for revenue generation ideas for your property.