As in-room streaming takes hold, efficiently monitising it is the next big advancement

Streamvision Supplier Profile on Hotel Management Australia

Hotel Management Australia recently spoke with Streamvision CEO Greg Bassine about the next big advancement in IPTV, why hotels are no longer reluctant to adopt streaming technology, and more…

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What is the next big advancement in IPTV that you can share?

Casting is one of the latest and greatest innovations that is being seen in the hotel and accommodation space. This technology gives guests exactly what they want – the ability to watch their own content on a large screen when they’re in a hotel room. Our solution streamCAST takes it a step further, by providing a centralised solution that doesn’t require additional equipment in guest rooms – this makes it more affordable and convenient for hotels to install and manage.

Do hotels still seem reluctant to adopt streaming technology or is the message out there that this is the way forward?

The message is well and truly out there. With the success of streaming services like Netflix and Stan, there’s no question that streaming technology is the way forward when it comes to the consumption of content whether it is at home or in the hotel room.

What are the main benefits of working with an entertainment supplier that builds and supports its own products in-house?

Front line staff i.e. Sales Reps, Account Managers, and Support Technicians are better positioned to facilitate client access to and influence over the product development process. This means our clients can be confident their voice is being heard where it matters and that our products can evolve to keep up with changes in their business needs.

How much customisation do you see your clients requesting in terms of revenue generation in their IPTV system?

Most of our clients are excited about the opportunity to increase their revenue via technology. Of particular interest are our shopping cart and in-room ordering functions which allow guests to purchase amenities, book tours, order in-rooming dining, book future stays, etc. right through the TV portal. Hotel staff can easily manage and monitor these purchases. Integration with over 20 PMS systems makes it convenient to bill. Purchases of external services such as food delivery are also possible for hotels that wish to generate revenue with the help of local businesses.

The other service we offer that our clients appreciate is bespoke IPTV portal design. Design and functionality are intertwined and we have seen that it is important to design portals in a way that facilitates an intuitive and smooth user experience so that guests don’t get lost in layers of menus. Many of our clients tell us they want a portal no other hotel has and we can deliver that by partnering with a design firm to provide a free portal design service to all of our new customers.

Streamvision Supplier Profile on Hotel Management Australia