High Quality, Secure and Reliable Internet Solution for Hotels

streamWIFI Custom Captive Portal on iPhone X

Consistent WIFI for All Your Guests Throughout Your Property

How many times have you connected to a WIFI hotspot only to find that your Instagram feed won’t load or YouTube videos buffer endlessly? Or wandered away from where you first connected only to find that your WIFI connection has dropped out?

Many of us have fast WIFI at home and wish that hotels, cafes, restaurants and public places would offer an internet experience that we could just connect to easily and that actually has decent speeds.

In this day and age, your guests won’t tolerate slow WIFI. It is increasingly important to choose a WIFI supplier who will set up your network infrastructure properly to maximise speed and reliable connectivity throughout your entire property.


streamWIFI: A High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) Solution Tailored for Your Property and Guests:

  • Allow your staff to easily add packages, monitor usage, access reporting and limit data hogs via an easy to use web-based management interface
  • Generate extra revenue and reward loyal guests with the ability to create unlimited internet packages with many configurable items
  • Conference package capabilities for you to cater to your corporate guests and drive more revenue
  • Balanced connections provide a consistent browsing experience for all guests by distributing bandwidth fairly
  • Bandwidth management system enables you to control the allocation of bandwidth based on package or loyalty tier
  • Compatible with all brands – use your existing wireless infrastructure
  • Interfaces with streamTV to enable guests to view their data usage on screen and purchase packages – giving you the opportunity to create new revenue streams
  • Physical or virtual hardware options – flexible configuration enables you to capitalise on your existing infrastructure
  • Compatible with over 20 PMS solutions for automated generation of guest internet access and billing
  • Automate access for business guests at your business centre with Kiosk Mode
  • Custom captive portal – engage guests with a branded experience and marketing promotions


Reliable In-House 24/7 Support

Your guests expect to connect to your WIFI when they want – no matter what the time of day (or night). The last thing a traveller wants is to arrive in your hotel room after a day of sight seeing to find that they can’t upload their photos to Intstagram because the WIFI is down or their connection drops out. And we can all imagine the frustration business travellers feel when they can’t access their email in their hotel room.

That’s why we offer a 24/7 Support team who is available by phone and email every single day of the year. Our Support team is staffed by trained technicians and engineers. They are based on the same premises as our Development team, which means that any troubleshooting can be addressed effectively and quickly. Our Support team are positioned to provide rapid solutions to you because they have direct access to our management and developers for speedy decisions and troubleshooting.

We don’t outsource our support because we have found that outsourced call centres, despite their best efforts, don’t always have their voices heard at headquarters. Call centre operators are very often the key touchpoint with customers. That’s why we emphasise training and give our Support team the resources and authority to deliver the best possible customer service. In this way, we can can continue to deliver a reliable service to our customers long after installation.


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