Why Your Hotel Guests Want You to Enable Casting

Guests Want To

Use up-to-date technology to do exactly what they do everyday – watch their preferred content from Netflix, YouTube, etc. in the highest quality possible, on the largest screen available (your in-room high definition TV).


Guests Would Rather

Watch Netflix and YouTube on their own device than to try to remember what their password is log on to apps on a smart TV.


Hotels Want

An innovative and affordable solution that answers their guest needs without significant downtime or investment.


Hotels Would Rather

Monitor and manage their in-room entertainment system remotely and have the flexibility to upgrade the solution as needs and technology evolve.


streamCAST is a revolutionary casting solution that answers all of these needs and more!


No Dongles and No Fuss

streamCAST is the first truly integrated casting solution that requires zero additional equipment in guest rooms. This reduces your effort and time by taking away lots of unnecessary hassle:

  • No need to waste time going from room to room, or worse closing rooms, during installation
  • No need to purchase expensive dongles for every in-room TV
  • No need to purchase fiddly security brackets to protect dongles from guest theft
  • No need to worry about guest damage to expensive dongles
  • No need to enter the guests room to for routine maintenance and monitoring


Maximum Convenience and Maximum Affordability

streamCAST is a truly no fuss solution because there are no dongles in the guest room to worry about. That makes it:

  • Faster and more affordable to install
  • Safe from guest damage and theft
  • Convenient to manage and troubleshoot remotely

Simply roll it out with streamTV – our fully featured IPTV solution that is customised for your hotel properties.


streamCAST includes a number of features that will take your guest experience to the next level

  • Enable your guests to seamlessly cast content from their own device to any TV in the guest room/suite.
  • Thousands of Chromecast enabled apps to choose from on Android, Apple and Windows mobile and computer platforms providing your guests with a rich OTT experience that is platform agnostic. Chromecast is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
  • Requires no dongles in the guest room when integrated with our streamTV IPTV solution – giving you a more affordable casting solution that is easier to install and manage.
  • A completely seamless solution, without any need to pair devices or login when integrated with streamWIFI.
  • Smart bandwidth management capability ensures a high quality and high speed experience for all guests using streamCAST at any given time.
  • Platform agnostic – connects to your existing WIFI solution.
  • Powerful data analytics and reporting – get to know your guests actual content preferences to inform targeted marketing.
  • Centralised monitoring service – Streamvision manages and monitors your solution for proactive maintenance.
  • Minimise your property’s content subscriptions by utilising guests’ existing subscriptions.
  • Digital signage solution that enables you to utilise streamCAST as a platform for branding and/or advertising for your own property and for your partners.
  • Ensure a secure experience for guests with automatic disconnect at checkout.
  • Allow guests to connect multiple devices to the same TV – perfect for families, couples or friends sharing a room/suite.


Experience it for yourself

Request a no obligation demonstration to see how this will benefit your hotel and make guests even happier to choose your property.